How to Choose the Perfect Rock for Your Custom Home

First step of designing your custom home is picking the exterior colors. Our rock comes from the best supplier in the area. They carefully check and handle each order to ensure you are receiving the best stone in the best condition. The rock craftsmen are top-of-the-line and utilize the best techniques to cut and prepare your stone or brick. But you already know that when you build with Castlerock Homes, you are building with quality, you want to know which rock you should pick. Each style of rock is designed to give your home a different feel and look. They are inspired by all forms of rock that are mined close to home, or are engineered and molded to be the ideal of various areas. Here are some descriptions from the suppliers to help you know how they were inspired and if the aesthetic would be a fit for your home. Take a look at the different cuts and finishes to help you decide which style suits you best, then head on back to the rock selection page to choose a color!

Slender Cut Stone

This cut of rock is the most popular style for the homeowners that decided to build with Castlerock Homes. These styles offer a more natural looking stone, with rough exposed edges, while still providing some horizontal structure and uniformity. This cut makes the new home feel longer and more streamlined. The exposed edges gives the home a connection to nature and the surrounding environment. This cut complements the Eastern Idaho landscape, while still embracing the more geometric lines of the architecture of the home.


Trail Ledge

Trail Ledge series is a narrow stone with rectilinear shapes, rugged, coarse faces and straight edges that casts shadows across the stone


Uintah Ledgestone

Uintah Ledgestone is an inspired twist from northern Utah’s majestic canyons mixed with the aesthetic of traditional stacked slate. Uintah stone veneer features rough textures and jagged edges to provide a dramatic accent to fireplaces, columns, walls and entries.


Southern Ledgestone

Southern Ledgestone series offers a rugged and informal appeal with its rough texture and decided irregularity. Tight-fitted or mortared, Southern Ledgestone can be used to achieve a number of unique treatments.

Mixed Cut Stone

This group of stone uses a variety of sizes to comprise each style. The mixture of smaller stones with larger stones gives the new construction a variegated appearance. With a mixed cut you can still have some structure by using Chief Joseph and Ledgestone. For a slightly more organic feel you can go with Del Mare Ledgestone, or Farmhouse Ledge. A happy medium between the two is Country Ledgestone and Peak Ledge, which have natural shapes while still providing horizontal lines.


Country Ledgestone

Country Ledgestone series palettes differentiates one ledgestone from another. It also provides a more subtle blend of color.


Peak Ledge

Peak Ledge series with its textured faces, rectilinear shapes and straight edges create a distinct shadowplay.  This cut is used on Castlerock Home's Model in Idaho Falls.


Chief Joseph

The Chief Joseph series is inspired by stones from Montana rock-slides. this roughly textured stone is ideal for creating beautiful stacked stone patterns. Pair it with rough-cut timber for a truly rustic look and feel.



Ledgestone is ideal for wainscoting, walls and architectural features, the bold ledge pattern offers a less jagged, more rectangular cut than traditional Drystack Ledgestone. Use these brilliant colors to design your own creations with depth, quality and style.


Del Mare Ledgestone

Del Mare Ledgestone series is inspired by stones found along the Mediterranean and Pacific Island coasts, the appeal of its intricate textures and rich colors is timeless.


Farmhouse Ledge

Farmhouse Ledge series with its rustic, informal ledge shapes and sizes have a stone face that is weathered and lightly textured.

Geometric Cut Stone

These cuts have very distinctive hard edges that have more square and large rectangular shapes. This stone type gives your home a strong structure while still providing natural stone colors and tones that brick lacks.



With the Guillotine series, create a rugged, mountain look. Featuring a beautiful array of earth tone colors, these hand-selected stones replicate a brutally sheared guillotine cut.



The Limestone series is ideal for creating clean, expressive walls and wainscoting. Use these stones for a classic look that offers a great alternative to the style and uniformity of traditional brick.



Cobblefield series is designed to emulate the architecture of rural 19th-century America. Its rugged refinement makes it equally at home in residential or commercial settings.

Organic Cut Stone

These stones have an unstructured lay pattern that gives your new home an organic and free-flowing feeling. The natural cut edges on all sides look as though they were picked up from nature. Homes built with these cuts are reminiscent of country living with European influences.



The Granite series comes in a variety of shapes and thicknesses to create dynamic, visually stunning displays. This rugged rock is ideal for large areas, entryways and architectural highlights, Granite makes a stunning addition to any room.


Dressed Fieldstone

The rugged look of Dressed Fieldstone complements any natural environment. Its rich texture and range of color enhance a multitude of architectural designs.



Sandstone series is based on authentic sandstone to capture the rugged beauty of southwest rock. Tumbling gives these rugged stones a slightly rounded edge for a warm, inviting, antique look and feel.



With the Cobble series, let the random shapes and roughly hewn edges of this enduring rock transport your projects to a simpler time, with the authentic weathered look and feel of cobbles.


Orchard Limestone

Orchard Limestone series has uneven edges and varied rectangular shapes that soften the formality of an ashlar profile.


Old Country Fieldstone

Old Country Fieldstone series brings country charm to the 21st century with a wide variety of looks. Use a wide, overgrouted joint to deliver a random Tuscan look or a sturdy rural appeal. A tight-fitted horizontal emphasis provides a more formal look.



The Ridgestone series combines horizontal balance with unique textures and rippled edges to create an elegant take on the traditional stone wall, column, fireplace or chimney.

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